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Q & A

E.T.B operating with AHS-RTF technologies for tracking

What is E.T.B ?
What makes E.T.B one of a kind in it's category compared to the others?
How Is It budget friendly?
Why do I need this device if my pet has a micro chip?
Why get a Tracking device?
What else can the Tag(s) be used for?
Is this Tag good for all pets?
Do you sell a smaller Tag for a very small pet?
What can we do for very small pets?
What is the range coverage?
How does the E.T.B & Tag work?
Does the Tag always transmits?
What happens if my pet is further than the capabilities of the unit?
What is the cost for the Tag?
Is there any extra charges?
Is it worth getting a Tag?
Is it waterproof?
Is it weather proof?
Can you replace the battery?
How long does the battery last?
What happens to my Tag ID if i lose it?
Does this unit work on Blue tooth technology?
Does it use Wifi?
Does it work in every climate?
What colors do the Tags come in?
What if i never lose my pet?
If my pet is lost how do i find it?
Can i find my pet myself?
Is there a charge to find my pet?
Why $100 - $150 dollars?
What number do i call when my pet is lost?
How long does it take for a tracker to come and find my pet?
What do i need for the tracker prior to the search?
If my pet runs away at night can you still track it?
If someone kept my pet indoors will the tracking device work?
Once i buy the Tag what do i do?
Can i buy more Tags for all my pets?
Do i get a discount if i buy several Tags?
Do i have to register?
Do i have to keep the bill of sale?
Do i have to write all the Tag ID numbers of each pet?
What happens if i travel and lose my pet?
Is there a device especially for those that travel with their pets?
Will your company produce more products in the future?
If i want to be a distributor can I?
If i have more questions who do i contact?
Can it be used for Kids?
Can it be used for the elderly?
What happens if i move?






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Coming in the near futur

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