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About our story


What inspired Harry Kalajian the founder and developer of the E.T.B. was when a close friends dog went missing. The dog Buster ran away from the people that were taking care of him while the owners were on a vacation. The incident happened when the garage door was open and something startled the dog, and wham Buster took off. The caregivers and myself and many people including vets, search groups, friends and neighbors were all notified and the search was on.
Hours after hours yet the dog "Buster" was still missing. The owners had to cut their vacation short and returned in hopes that their voice will attract Buster to come out of hiding. Day after day the search continued, but to no avail. The main worry was that a wild animal which there are many there in south florida, might of gotten him. 7 days later miraculously Buster was found.

The owners happy and relieved for Buster being back home, but those seven days had taken a toll on the owners and caregivers and all search parties.

For that reason the E.T.B. was created, and he didn't want any one else to endure what the owners of Buster did.

As a professional dog trainer I have seen many dogs that get lost; even when they are well trained.

Often people forget to close their gates, and at times when the owner opens the front door or on their walk they
get lose from their leashes.

Anything can happen.

Any of the above are very frightening situations, being prepared is key.

Many people never think of the unthinkable "Loss" till it happens to them.

If you ever lose a pet the pain and panic you go through is not pleasant, The running around searching hours after days with hundreds of dollars in rewards offered and posters put all over yet no guarantee the successful return of your pet. As much as you call vets, humane societies, and many other places, it still doesn't guarantee a find. For a small fee you have a peace of mind in the event you dog is lost.

Our Head corporate US office began an adventure to develop the best possible tracker.
With the idea to develop a device small but yet strong enough to transmit a powerful signal in accordance with the American and Canadian FCC rules.

Through the months of research, They invited a few top Engineers that had specializations and experience in high tech devices. Those Engineers from over seas became part of the R&D team.
Miya Huang from over seas, is the intermediary to the engineers for our Head office in Florida.

The Overseas R & D Team Members:

1- Director Engineer: Peng Yi xiang
2- Antenna Engineer: Liu Yan
3- Hardware Engineer: Chu Lai shun
4- Firmware Engineer: Lin Feng & He Rui
5- Testing Engineer: Zhang Bang hai
6- Producing art work Engineer: Li liang jian
7 -Construction Engineer Manager: Zhang Jie zhong

The E.T.B (Executive Tracking Beacon) which will be available as of 2016

It will be available for certain areas of Montreal, Quebec Canada & Southwest Florida USA.

By the end of 2017 we are aiming for most of the major cities, Canada and US

This device is one of a kind, their are no other like it.

The great thing about this device;

There is

No App, No Bluetooth, No GPS, No Cell phone, No Internet, No Data, No Contract and No Monthly payments

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Coming in the near futur

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