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Business Opportunity

Tracking with AHS-RTF technologies

Applicable for

Dogs - Cats - Breeders - Kennels - Dog Training Schools - Groomers - Doggy Day Cares...

Are you looking for an adventurous business!

If you have an existing business, have you thought of expanding?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business in the pet industry?

Look no further we have a new product on the market that compares to no other in its category it can be used in many different domains, but specifically designed for the pet.

We have made it so it is affordable as an added service to an existing business or to give an individual a chance to get in the ground floor of the pet industry.

No App, No Bluetooth, No GPS, No Cell phone, No Internet, No Data, No Contract and No Monthly fees

Canada Wide

Autorized Retailers: Would you like to carry a product that sells itself? Look no furthur The E.T.B Tag is the one.
Pet owners have many fears, one of those fears is if their pet goes missing "LOST". The product that you will carry will give those customers a peace of mind for a very little. Only available to Authorized Retailers if there is an Authorized Dealer in your area.

Authorized Dealers: A Dealer is the supplier for the stores, kennels, training schools and any other establishments that they sell to within their coverage of choice. The dealer’s responsibility is to find, maintain and supply and track lost pets.

Independent Trackers: All independent trackers are within the dealers sectors. Trackers have only the tracking hand held unit, which is bought directly from Head office. Independent trackers can form a team of trackers, and work together if they wish to do so within their dealers sectors.

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Coming in the near futur

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