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No App, No Bluetooth, No GPS, No Cell phone, No Internet, No Data, No Contract and No Monthly payments

Success rate: 99%
(The remaining 1% for not finding your pet can be due to many external factors beyond our control)
The figures below have been test many times under different weather conditions. However please note that many factors will alter the distance (plus or minus several feet). Ex: electric storms, populated areas with lots of electric fields, lots of power lines etc... (It is like a a radio or a walkie talkie.

Our Coverage :

- ( 820-850 min. feet in distance coverage. ( over 2 Football fields plus )

- Penetration of 492 min feet of moderate barriers, bushes, trees etc...
  ( Over 1 1/2 Football fields Plus )

- Penetration of 350 min feet of denser barriers, houses, trees, bushes etc...
  (over 1 football field plus)

* Our success is based on honesty and integrity which will be our strong point, the figures you see above are as    precise as possible.

Compared with others that are on the market

... Bluetooth: Very very short range 1 to 50 ft max

... RF units: Short range 150- 200ft max open space

... GPS: Contracts, Monthly fees, Costly, Trouble Accessing Satellites

... Internet WiFi: Contracts, Not available in many places, Dead zones, Trouble accessing wifi, No data plan, No App

...Contracts: Those that work with GPS systems, Internet wifi, Data plan

...Monthly Payments: Those that work with GPS systems, Also for cells that have wifi data usage

...For many products out their the replacement of any piece or extras are very expensive.

...Extra Tags are astronomical in price.

...Many tracking devices can't handle more then 1 pet some that do are at a maximum of 4 pets.

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Coming in the near futur

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