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Our E.T.B Tag is like no other.

Cost: $ 55.00 CAD

One time registration fee:  $15.00CAD (per household)

The E.T.B = Buy once That's it (Unless of course you break or lose it)

V.I.P Service: If you lost your pet you just call, we come and find your pet.

Charges Related for tracking:
Call time 7am - 7 pm $100.00 CAD
Call time 7pm - 7 am $150.00 CAD

Charges related for tracking are much less then what a reward would be offered, and no waithing to find your pet.

Success rate: 99%
(The remaining 1% for not finding your pet can be due to many external factors beyond our control)

Our Coverage :

- ( 820-850 min. feet in distance coverage. ( over 2 Football fields plus )

- Penetration of 492 min feet of moderate barriers, bushes, trees etc...
  ( Over 1 1/2 Football fields Plus )

- Penetration of 350 min feet of denser barriers, houses, trees, bushes etc...
  (over 1 football field plus)


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Coming in the near futur

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