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This is the most simple device you can use, here are the steps

1- Buy the the E.T.B Tag.

2- Unwrap and insert the battery so it turns on.

3- Slide on or hang it on your pets collar.

4- Done Finished That's all!

Click here How to attach to a sewn collar

- The device at this point is transmitting a signal that only can be picked up by our hand held reader.
   When you have lost your pet all you do is call us and we come within a short period.
  "Within an hour max"

- The tracking then begins. ( The owner of the pet is always with the tracker )

- Each Tag has a unique ID # that corresponds to your dog, so finding your pet is 99 % guaranteed.
  (The remaining 1% for not finding your pet can be due to many external factors beyond our control)
  (Please write down your ID # keep in a safe place, ID # is on the back of the Tag )


( 820-850 min.feet in distance coverage. ( over 2 Football fields plus )
Penetration of 492 min feet of moderate barriers, bushes, trees etc... ( over 1 1/2 Football fields Plus )
Penetration of 350 min feet of denser barriers, houses, trees, bushes etc... (over 1 football field

The E.T.B Tag battery is good for 1 year on stand by, but we suggest to change it every 10 months.
(Reason to change every 10 months is because of natures elements that can effect the batteries potential)

No App, No Bluetooth, No GPS, No Cell phone, No Internet, No Data, No Contract and No Monthly payments

The Tag size of the the E.T.B is considered to be the smallest according to the amount of distance it covers.
Any tag smaller would not be able to give the same distant coverage.


Dimensions for the E.T.B

Executive Tracking Beacon

Units of measure


L= 2"


L= 50.8mm

W= 1.35"


W= 34.5mm

H= .63"


H= 16mm

Weight without battery = 16g

Weight with battery = 25g

Weatherproof only Not made for submerging under water


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Coming in the near futur

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