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What is E.T.B

AHS-RTF technology

E.T.B stands for Executive Tracking Beacon.

The E.T.B Tag was made as a security device for pets in the event that they get lost.

With so many different units out their, not one comes close to the E.T.B Tag with AHS-RTF technology.

E.T.B Tags
No App, No Bluetooth, No GPS, No Cell phone, No Internet, No Data, No Contract and No Monthly payments While others do use one or more of the above.

Our secure AHS-RTF tags cover the maximum distance possible within it's small framed unit.

How it works is simple:

In the event your pet gets lost you call the number provided for your area.

The tracker comes to your home and maps out a search area, prior to the search itself.
Using a special tracking reader the tracker programs in your unique tag ID number which sends a wake up signal to the tag. The Tag then begins to emit a signal to the reader.

The tracker and owner of the pet follow the beacon signal that is being emitted by the tag.
When the signal gets strong, the tracker will send another signal to activate the beep noise or turn on the red find
me light of the tag.

In the even the dog is to far or no signal; the tracker will either use a power antenna,
or use telemetry to pin point the location. As needed the tracker will drive around until it picks up the signal.


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Coming in the near futur

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